Increasing positive communication

at home, work, school & the community.



** During this time, I am exclusively seeing clients in a telehealth manner, meaning online.  You are welcome to reach me via email or download VSee, online therapy resource, free to you.  You can find me under my email address​ **

Individual Therapy

Personal Growth, Transitions & Relationships.

Working together to make sense of the road blocks preventing you from being your authentic self, and you will learn coping skills to help manage new difficulties when they occur. Together we can turn your current situation into the life you want and deserve.

Child and Family Therapy

Giving families the opportunity to improve communication and resolve conflicts faster and with more ease; utilizing skills & techniques of reflective listening, open communication, choices and  limit setting with effective consequences. 

Group Therapy

Giving children the opportunity to learn and practice the social skills needed for healthy relationships with themselves, peers, their family and relationships alike.  Social skills, reflective communication, effective praise, validating statement’s and limit setting. 


Parent Workshops

Teaching skills and techniques that provide support and promote increased confidence in understanding  developmental stages, appropriate expectations and parenting strategies with a platform to practice learned skills.


School Consultations

Training's and workshops with a focus on Positive Communication Strategies (PCS), working with schools to support their needs and challenges in the classroom and their school culture.  PCS is a psycho-education based trainig that includes interactive practice.


Offered Services

  • Pre & Post Observations

  • Director Meetings

  • PCS Training Series

  • Polices & Procedures



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