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Policies, Billing
& Insurance


CWCC Policy

Before anyone begins services, there is a virtual consultation, a meet and greet if you will.  If we agree to move forward with services, the first appointment is more of an overview, a time to assess, which includes a review of developmental information, current concerns, obstacles, strains, challenges, successes, diagnosis and developing a treatment plan with therapeutic goals.  


Counseling with CC does not take insurance and is considered out of network.  We are sensitive and understand the balance of financial restrictions, recognizing our services and programs are not possible for everyone, with that in mind, we often make referrals to resources that allow for programs that are available in the community.  Please call and check with your insurance company to understand your coverage.  Questions that can lead to helping you make informed choices:


  • What are my mental health benefits?

  • What is my deductible & has it been met?

  • How many sessions are covered per annually?

  • What is the coverage per therapy session, for out of network?

Codes for Insurance 

  • 90791  for Intakes

  • 90834 for Individual Therapy

  • 90853 for Group Therapy

  • 90847 for Family Therapy



  • All clients pay at time of service.

  • Insurance submissions - all clients have access to your invoices which include: dates of service, the procedural code, the diagnosis code, and amount paid.  This information is all that the insurance company needs to process a claim.


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