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Creating an emotionally supportive environment

for individuals, couples, families and children.



CC has worked for over 15 years and her range includes working with individuals going through personal growth, college adjustment, career transitions, individual successes and hurdles, relationship challenges and those seeking personal self transformation.  Support with communication, making challenging decisions, infidelity, management of emotions, families and children struggling to communicate in a positive and productive manner.


Under the umbrella of family therapy, the focus is child-centered play therapy with filial components (training parents).  As a specialist in early childhood, being able to read social skills and respond appropriately for children is a must.  Supporting and teaching parents and caregivers through individual sessions or parent workshops is paramount for them to feel secure with a full and robust tool box.


Extending her passion to strengthen communication with adults and children, CC and her colleague designed a specialized training series, Positive Communication Strategies or PCS for schools.  How to turn conflict and challenging behaviors, into cooperation - is the focus.  PCS covers areas of childhood development, reflective communication, choices, expectations, limit setting, effective consequences and more.  The PCS training consists of pre & post observations, director meetings, educational & interactive staff workshops, and follow up training's.

When CC is not collaborating with schools, working with clients, facilitating groups, and guiding parenting workshops at New Leaf Integrative Wellness Center in Tucson AZ, with supervision and collaboration from Director Vanessa Mills, LPC & Shannon Carmona, she is spending time hiking, reading, cooking and laughing with her son, family and friends!








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