CC White, M.Ed, NCC, LAC


For over 15 years, CC has worked with individuals, families and company's on their personal and professional growth.  CC engaged as a speaker at schools, colleges and universities, has worked with schools, counseling and behavioral health agencies as member of an elite crisis response team, as a therapist, team builder and consultant.  Throughout her career, CC has been a be kind facilitator, was awarded a Bens Bell in 2019, and has been nominated for the 2021 School Counselling Award.  CC's continued engagement in her community includes interactions, partnerships and alliances with with TRAK - a Therapeutic Ranch for animals and kids, a Tucson staple,  the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, AzSCA - Arizona School Counseling Association, and Southern Arizona Association of Therapists to name a few.


Working with individuals and couples on their challenges in connecting and communication, with families struggling to stay positive and with children to help them communicate, handle frustrations and develop healthy coping skills.  Exploring communication, connections, challenging decisions, infidelity, management of emotions, with families, children and people struggling in their relationships is an area of strength Counseling with CC can support you in.


CC's passion is to strengthen communication with educators and children, after working for years with colleague Carrie Field, we realized how much help was needed in schools with educators, how much they were struggling and looking for successful forms of connecting and communicating with their students.  They designed a specialized training series names Positive Communication Strategies (PCS) for educators.  Through team trainings we've have been able to teach and explore techniques to turn conflict and challenging behaviors, into cooperation and lifelong connections.  

CC loves living and working in Tucson AZ - Cycling on the loop, Hiking, Volunteering at TRAK Ranch, Cooking, and creating memories with her son, family and friends!

Creating Emotionally Supportive Environments, for Individuals, Couples, Families and Children!